The Irony Of American Superiority

What is it about so many Americans which makes them think they are superior?

Is it their Government? Sincere and capable Mr Bush and his cronies? Surely not….

Is it their great Bill Of Rights? Many ‘rights’ left in the US? Not a lot…

Perhaps it’s the great US Education System? The one which churns out kids able to put hand on heart and salute the American Flag… but who are ill-equiped to face the real world. And didn’t I read somewhere that more and more US public schools are relying on the parents, to fork out most of the money for their kids books? Bet that works just great in the inner cities…

There again, it could be the US Dollar. Doing great at the moment against the Euro, isn’t it? Perhaps not…

Perhaps it’s that ‘pioneering spirit’? The one which produces all that belief that ‘I can do it!’ …. if I have the money/contacts/family background/color/gender which fits…

The Americans certainly have a great record on Race Relations, don’t they? Could be a Black American President soon. Way to go! Wonder when we will see a Native American President? Guess we might have to wait a while longer on that…

What about the great American Sense Of Fair Play? You know the one – ‘if we can’t win at a sport we will either (a) invent our own, or (b) threaten to boycott the country where the sports are being held.’ Yeah. That’ll do it!

And this ‘sense of fair play’ carries over into American Business Practices too. ‘We don’t invent much, but we sure as hell know how to buy (cheat…) a system out from under a small company and make millions from of it. And for good measure, we’ll call what we sell ‘a licence’, so we can change it without the purchaser’s permission and then sell them upgrades to put it right.’ Nice one! I’m typing this post on one of those systems now!

But all Americans know their business practices are right, don’t they? I guess that’s why they will be fleeced again and again by their own countrymen, but then declare they never trust in doing business with anyone ‘outside US shores’.

Because The American Way Is The Right Way, isn’t it? I guess it must be because:

Who can ever forget the great American way of Declaring War On Other Countries? Because (a) ‘We were given the wrong information, but it’s okay – we did the right thing anyhow.’ Or (b) ‘We don’t like their politics’. Or (c) ‘We want their oil….’

Perhaps someone would explain to me just What Is It About Being An American Which Gives Someone This Overwhelming Sense Of Superiority?

I know. Perhaps it’s their teeth? Those lovely wide, white smiles. (So sincere too…). And I have to say that they do seem to have better orthodontists in the US.

For those Americans who can afford them that is…


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