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When even an expert gets taken for a ride

In the online marketing world you need to be smart to keep ahead of the field. There are so many people out there ready to take you for a ride (and take all your money if you let them). But the smart marketer is ahead of the game. He knows how things work. He knows all the scams. In fact, he can probably tell you a few himself.

The smart marketer will never get caught out.

Unless he gets lazy…

Dollar In the Sky

Dollar In the Sky

Nicky Cakes is (so he says) a Reformed Black Hat Internet Marketer. His blog is full of interesting tips for keeping your edge in the cut throat online world.

Nicky is one smart cookie and people generally like and respect him. After all, the guy knows what he’s talking about in the world of affiliate sales. So lots of people visit his blog.

So it’s a good place for Nicky to collect a little side money in advertising revenue. He has six banner advertising spaces on his blog, for which interested marketers pay him a small amount per month. The idea is that anyone clicking on those adverts goes to the banner owners site.

Unless of course you want to take advantage of the fact that Nicky, being a busy guy, doesn’t (or hadn’t) check out where those links go to. After all, why would anyone want to advertise a service on a marketing blog, unless it was to do with marketing…?

Quite so. But there is a short cut which Nicky, smart as he is, hadn’t thought about.

Why not place your own affilate link under the advert and take the person clicking that link straight to the sign up page, rather than to your website first?

So for weeks, Nicky Cakes was giving very cheap advertising space on a respected, highish profile blog to a guy who was making money at his expense. People were clicking on the ads and signing up because they thought they were doing Nicky a favour by signing up via his link.

Seems Nicky has now changed his mind about the procedure he goes through when accepting those ads.

Still, there’s probably a few bloggers out there who haven’t…