Conspiracy Theory Plots

How A Conspiracy Theory Works

I love a good Conspiracy Theory. Some of them even turn out to be true, and I like dissecting them all; just to see if the scenario they propose is viable.

A Conspiracy Theory contains a Simple Plot:

The ‘villain’, who wants to achieve power of some description and will do anything to get it. He, or she, will have to lie, cheat, steal and bribe other villains.

A problem for The Villain is that most of the free World believes in some form of Democracy. People believe that their freedom/political thoughts/homes/families/right to live… are sacred. Our societies are also extremely complex. Therefore our villain has to devise a cunning and complex plan.

The villain will seek to control our minds. The best way is to do this by fear, but he will need help to achieve this.

Therefore, the villain will aquire Allies: those who are also greedy for power (or just plain greedy), but are not quite as capable of rising to the top of the pile as our villain.

The Allies will use their various skills, contacts and political/financial strength to manipulate society. This will usually involve Setting Up a False Scenario in order to fool the people and make them afraid of losing the things they hold dear.

And, as “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” (Abraham Lincoln Quotes), this scenario, or plot, will have it’s sceptics and investigators. So the Conspiracy Plot has to be extremely complex, with many twists and turns, so that anyone who investigates will be the continually sent down the wrong path to a dead end.

The Conspiracy Plot Will Involve:

  • A Crisis: This will involve a threat to ‘everything we hold dear’. The ‘everything’ will depend upon the group the crisis is targetted at.
  • A villain, or group of villains of the Allies’ making (for clarity, we will call them ‘scapegoats‘…) who are Causing The Crisis.
  • A ‘Hero’ (or group of ‘heroes’) who will make it their live’s purpose to thwart the scapegoats.
  • The Crisis will remain in place for a long time, because the scapegoats will be strong and cunning. They will be hard to beat. But beat them we must ‘for the safety of the (particular) society we hold dear’.
  • It will be as well to make the Crisis as long and drawn out as possible, with the ‘Allies’ constantly finding new ways to demonstrate to the people they still need the ‘heroes’ to fight for them. To ‘keep them safe’.
  • Because, once the crisis is resolved and all the scapegoats are thwarted, the people may wonder why they still need the rules set in place ‘to protect them’.

From time to time, new Rivals will emerge who want to overthrow our Villain. These will be True Rivals, rather than the scapegoats set up by the Allies. The Rivals will sometimes be as cunning as our Villain and it will take all his Allies’ resources to beat them.

New Rivals will involve a new set of complex plans and new plots to fool the people. Some Villains will win this round and others will fail. Some will lose their Allies to the opposition.

Either way, the people will still be left with a Villain in charge and new Conspiracy Plots to deal with.

And that’s why I love Conspiracy Plots. They read like a good thriller. But this thriller can be serialised in many parts.

But are Conspiracy Plots and Conspiracy Theories for real? I’ll look at that next time.


How To Brainwash The World

How Governments and Media Moguls Control Our Minds

This is nothing particularly new. I guess most of us nowadays have heard the phrase ‘the medium is the message’. Generally, this means that our message is received by our audience in relation to the medium we use to send that message.

An example would be a writer on left wing politics, who wants to get his message across to all types of different people, not just people from the political left wing. But he is halted at the first bend… because of the way his writing is presented.

He sets up a website or blog. This is the medium he has chosen to get his message across. It is dark, with lots of red highlighting. He has flashy banners which are ‘in your face’; they show caricatures of President Bush and ask us all to support the latest outrage imposed by the US Government.

He has immediately alienated any readers who are right of center (and probably center also). He has come across to some as ‘an extremist’, because they see the colors and banners as ‘extreme’. Even some left wingers may avoid his posts, fearing reprisals if they are caught reading them.

The only readership the political writer is left with are those who agree with him anyway. He has failed to get his message across to anyone new. It is almost like he is talking to himself.

The medium has become the message.

Governments know this. Media Owners know this – they are experts on generating messages in a particular style; to get the message across in a particular way and via a particular medium.

And when Governments and Media Owners work together, they have the ability to Brainwash The World.

Just think about the ‘news’ you watch on TV. When was the last time you viewed real images of War? You know – the blood, the carnage, the dismembered bodies, the people cowering in fear because they have no idea where the next strike is coming from?

Have you ever seen real images like these? And even if you have, I bet you have first been warned that ‘these images may be disturbing’. So if you don’t want to watch the real horrors of war, you turn away. Instead, you watch the pictures of soldiers ‘on operations’ and reporters who speak to the camera about ‘the latest events’, rather than seeing the gory details for yourself.

You read about all the troops who are killed and maimed in the fighting, but you do not see the full atrocity of their injuries and, unless you watch films by Michael Moore, you probably will not have seen the total distress caused to the soldiers’ families. Yes, you know it would be ‘viewing someone’s personal horror’ to see pictures of badly injured troops. You respect their and their families’ privacy. But in doing so, you fail to see the whole picture, to even begin to feel the true horrors of war.

So you become detached. You watch your Fox News and think you are getting the whole picture (even though, deep down, you must realise you are not). And many of you never stop to think of why you are receiving your ‘news’ this way.

Is it all about the ‘privacy of families’ and ensuring you are not stressed out by images?

I don’t think so.

Take a look at the article Why Media Ownership Matters and then asked yourself that question.

The article demonstrates just how much Government Involvement there is With Powerful Media Moguls and suggests what this is doing to our understanding of World events.

TV is a medium we all share. It is ‘cosy’ most of the time. We accept it into our homes – into our private lives. Because it is safe. Nearly everyone has a television in the developed World. Most of us would be lost without it. And if we don’t like what we are viewing, we can switch off, can’t we? And in any case, we don’t believe everything we see on TV, do we…?

Just think about the way the messages we see on TV are presented: ‘cozy chats’, ‘sincere’ newsreaders, pieces of humor to finish with. And TV shows all news events and all political viewpoints doesn’t it?

Well, that would be impossible because there is so much news; so many different viewpoints. So those who produce our media viewing have to be selective and choose what they think are the best things for us to view.

Trouble is, their choice will most likely not be ours, but we do not necessarily know this, as we have no access to the other information in the first place. Newspapers? Aren’t these owned by big media too? The Internet? It’s supposed to be the last bastion of freedom, but is it? Doesn’t our search engine of choice make our reading limited by what they think we should see on page one?

Who makes these choices? Who presents our messages to us? What do they have to gain from presenting the message in a particular way and through particular mediums?

Read the article about Government Involvement with Media Owners and you may have some of your answers.

You may not be a US citizen, but that does not leave you untouched. You may think that your TV viewing is uncensored and does not affect your political views. After all, we all agree that real censorship only exists in places like China, don’t we…?

But ‘Brainwashing’ sounds a little strong, doesn’t it? Isn’t that usually left to the ‘loonies’ and conspiracy theorists to discuss while we get on with our rational lives?

If you watch TV; read a Newspaper, browse the Internet, or just sit back and relax with your favourite magazine, you may well be being brainwashed. Your political views will be affected in some way, that’s for sure.

Because the medium is the message. And the messages we are receiving often lie.

Hello Ironic World!

And thank you to Mr for reminding me that I need an opening post.  Never would have thought of it myself…

More later…