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And The Good News About Sex Is…

When Your Sex Life Hits A Setback

or The Irony Of ‘Good News’ Which Applies To Very Few Of Us

I’ve just found some startling facts about sex. Did you know that you can have a satisfying sex life right into your 80s?

No, neither did I… although I guess Cary Grant and (I believe…) Charlie Chaplin would have been only too happy to confirm this…

And to have a long and satisfying sex life, all you have to do is remain remarkably fit just like this 😉 …

Bay View Exercise Course by Odalaigh

Bay View Exercise Course by Odalaigh

Now, the problem as I see it is, how many octegenarians are actually remarkably fit?

Kinda puts a damper on that hope for the future doesn’t it? Especially when the article goes on to show that other studies have found that physical frailty may well be a contributor to the development of early Alzheimer’s disease.

So you might still be able to continue to have a sex life, but would you remember it?

And if that sounds cruel, well imagine what it must feel like for the poor Alzheimer’s victim.

But all is not lost, evidently, because if you take up a course of physical exercise you can help ward off some of the effects of old age. So, I guess that with a healthy diet the author mentions and all that pounding the streets to keep healthy, as the author recommends, you might just be able to prevent the onset of frailty.

And then you will really be able to enjoy that long sex life.

Running By Roberto Berlim

Running By Roberto Berlim

That’s if the pollution on the street doesn’t get to you first…


Bay View Exercise Course by Odalaigh
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Running by Roberto Berlim
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