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The Irony Of English Superiority

Following on from my last ironic post on The Irony Of American Superiority, I thought it was only fair to balance the books in some way. So, today we ask the question:

Why Do The English Think They Are Superior?

Could it be their Long History Of Civilized Society? Perhaps it is… which is why they have tried to force it upon the rest of the world at some time or another…

The English pride themselves on being Kind To Their Neighbours, but I’m not so sure the Irish, Scots and Welsh would agree with that…

The English are so ‘civilised’ There has Never Been A Real Political Revolution in England By The English People. There has been a political revolution in England involving some country near France… but I doubt if the English people even noticed it. Could it be that they have always been too lazy to get off their butts and find out?

Of course, we must remember that The English Were One Of The First Countries To Have A Female Prime Minister…. although a lady from one of their former colonies was first…. and in any case, did the World really need Margaret Thatcher?

Perhaps the English feel superior because of their Pioneering Spirit? Well, there have been many pioneers in English history… but many of them stayed in the country they had ‘discovered’ and never returned. Perhaps they preferred it there…?

And talking of that Pioneering Spirit, The English have a Great Sense of Travel And Adventure… as long as the place they are travelling to has a fish and chip shop, an English pub, and satelite dishes so they will not miss their favourite English TV soaps…

Along with the enjoyment of travel come Great Linguistic Skills… as long as the language spoken is English. They refuse to learn anything else.

But it doesn’t matter if the English only speak English, because everyone loves The Great British Accent, dont they? But which one do they mean? London? Manchester? Liverpool? Tyneside? Dorset?… Truth be told, the English often cannot even understand each other.

Never mind, the English still have The Strength Of The Great British £… They try to ignore the fact it is falling rapidly against the Euro.

Nevertheless, the English can pride themselves on their Sense Of Fair Play. This usually means “We don’t mind so much about coming in last”. And have you ever been able to sit through a cricket match without falling asleep? Do you care whether there is fair play or not? And in any case, I don’t think the English Soccer thugs are very fair, do you?

The English are well known for their Great Television Serials and their thrillers are usually very good. Pity they make so few of them they have to repeat them year after year, until everyone knows the plot word for word…

Same with English Television Comedies. Who can forget the excellent Monty Python, or Fawlty Towers? Are you still patiently waiting for new shows of this high calibre? Or are you still trying to laugh at Little Briton? I didn’t think so…

But we have to admit that the English have a Great Sense Of Irony. And this is sharpened by their ability to laugh at themselves. Well it would be wouldn’t it? After all, there’s so much to laugh about…

So What Is Really Superior About The English?

Well, many countries admire or copy their Great National Health Service. and rightly so… even if successive governments have tried their best to pull it apart.

But wasn’t the idea originally proposed by a Welsh man? And didn’t the Scots actually have it first…?